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LaTeX Formula Editor

LaTeX Formula Editor #

Editing formulas using LaTeX produces outstanding results, but the drawback is that it can be somewhat challenging to use, especially with various symbols that are hard to remember. To address the pain points of editing LaTeX formulas, TeXPage has introduced a user-friendly online LaTeX formula editor with the following key features:

  1. Real-time Preview of LaTeX Formulas: Witness an instant preview of your LaTeX formulas as you edit, providing a seamless and intuitive experience.
  2. Quick Input Hotkeys: Enjoy the convenience of quick and efficient input methods, making the process of entering various mathematical symbols a breeze.
  3. Formula Management: Organize and manage your frequently used formulas effortlessly with the built-in formula management feature, enhancing your editing efficiency.
  4. Intelligent Recognition of Formula Images: TeXPage intelligently recognizes formula images and converts them into LaTeX code, simplifying the input process and saving you valuable time.

TeXPage aims to streamline the LaTeX formula editing process, making it more straightforward and efficient while maintaining the exceptional quality that LaTeX offers. Experience the ease of use and powerful features that TeXPage brings to the world of formula editing.

Where can this feature be accessed ? #

On the top toolbar of the TeXPage editor, simply click the icon as shown in the image below to access the LaTeX formula editor.

where can this feature be accessed

Real-time Preview of LaTeX Formulas #

Beneath the formula editing area, LaTeX formulas are instantly previewed in real-time.

Real-time Preview

Quick Input Hotkeys #

The TeXPage formula editor categorizes commonly used formula symbols, making it easy to locate and use specific symbols.


Formula Management #

Adding Common LaTeX Formulas to “My Formulas” enables more efficient management of LaTeX formulas.

formula management

Intelligent Recognition of Formula Images #

Formula recognition is a powerful feature of the TeXPage LaTeX editor. By uploading a formula image, you can obtain your desired LaTeX formula code with just the click of a button.

Uploading a formula image.

upload a formula image

Recognition result.

recognition result

Tips: Enhance the accuracy of formula image recognition by precisely selecting the formula area through dragging and highlighting the chosen region.