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LaTeX Table Generator

LaTeX Table Generator #

To address the slight inconvenience of creating tables in LaTeX, TeXPage has developed a LaTeX table designer, a feature that many users have eagerly awaited. Here’s a picture:

LaTeX Table Generator

Where’s this feature ? #

Click on the ‘Table’ icon on the top toolbar of the TeXPage editor to open the table generator.

LaTeX Table generator

The main features of the LaTeX table generator: #

  • Addition and deletion of table rows and columns.
  • Setting cell alignment to left, center, or right.
  • Border line settings.
  • Merge and split cells.
  • Three table styles: default table style, three-line table, and fixed width table style.
  • Default automatic column width, non-automatic column width will be automatically estimated.
  • Multi-page tables.
  • Supports pasting of Excel or CSV data.